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A man trying on glasses
Comprehensive Eye Exams

Eye examinations are kind of the bread and butter of what we do. Yes, beyond the pretty walls of our lobby, lined with hundreds of stylish frames and lens options, there are rooms and suites filled with cutting edge equipment.

Dr. Troy Ogden uses a field analyzer to observe peripheral vision
Hidden In Plain Sight — Everything you need to know about Diabetic Eye Diseases

As we say goodbye to the summer months and step once more into the brisk, chilly Nevada air, we all look forward to a season full of holidays, starting with the fan favorite: Thanksgiving. A perfect blend of friend and family gathering, food, football, and an afternoon nap.

Three people in halloween costumes, costume contacts, makeup
Costume Contacts — Hauntingly Harmless or Devilishly Dangerous?

Halloween is just around the corner, and as we start to wrap up production for our costumes this year, we decided to do a deep dive on everyone’s favorite costume accessory. Yes, of course we’re talking about costume contacts.